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    Hi Gary Sorry,what i have to say must be in English altough i would rather write Portuguise once i want to express myself the best way! since Toskana i have been trying to understand what happened.I went there as an outsider,accompanying a good friend and had no intention or interesse in Hypnosis. Let me start to say that i found some of the nicest people i know.Gary and Corrina,Ute,Noah,Dominique and Dave. I arrived there smoking and drinking.After some days Gary and Ute offered to "work" with me,help.It was one of the hardest decisions i ever took but i accepted because,i trusted them.... i go short to the end of the story.I dont smoke today and alcool doesnt taste at all! Whatever i might say itsnt enough to express the gratitude i feel.I just hope one day i can do for anýone in this World something as big to pay what Gary and Ute did for me. Sergio